Add dog - Where? :(

Hey guys, it's hard for me to write this, but I have to give my dog, due to family problems.

I hang totally to him and it breaks my heart, but there is no other way ..... Now the question is: Where?

Ins shelter I want to give him no case that already have enough dogs and they are hardly conveys. I thought I could write on the Internet ads, so I can get to know the new owners ... at least you know vllt any Internet portals?

Please do not write: "Then should we buy a dog if you can not take care of him." Unfortunately, these problems could not foresee, and we had something not expected.

Thanks for answers LG GinnyLivi

The best answer

If time is not in such a hurry you can easily contact is still to the animal shelter and help in mediating ask moment during the dog remains with you. Most shelters also provide private placements at a on the homepage.

Otherwise, there is the large classifieds portals always such Vermittlungsnazeigen, but the placement opportunities are questionable and you never know who logs on. The shelters are probably trained as you find out whether the prospect is suitable at a Vermuttlung because promised and told what is fast.

Perhaps it would be an option at your local dog sports clubs and as already proposed to make veterinarians a notice.

that's always a shit situation when you have to part with his four-legged friend .... for any reason whatsoever. Ask first check with your friends and acquaintances, maybe can take the animal indeed one of them. Even veterinarians can often help with advice. Maybe you sleep well a few times about it, and there is a solution other than him to give away. I wish you and your dog a lot of luck.

Hi, you could ask the shelter about an operator assistance or if you for example active in a dog school waiting also because sometimes hang a note. one may ask whether there can hang a note also the vet of the dog knows. If there is a pedigree dog so you can at the breed club to ask me whether afford the mediation help.

And the shelters do to halt heavy with mediation, because they want to make sure that the dog actually comes in good hands, so it takes time until someone gets a dog. It might take longer, but your dog really is in good hands. It may occur also through private employment that people overestimate themselves and the dog but ends up at the shelter or the trophy. Had to look just whether the time there's possibly people also just to look at a number of visits.

Become really active- daily newspaper, Super Wednesday and so, and logo only people kennenlernen- go to the vet and ask there, also note there aufhängen- also call Tierschutzbund, often it is so that people know who have made it their life mission and with several animals live.

Krame dieenn head the past around: Each of you mesnch einfällt- perhaps is a case that you can ask and even keep contact can

You have the animal describe getting closer, age, race ec. also where you live or where the dog is visible, then wait a minute, if he reports.

Ultimately actually remains only the shelter. You could but get involved, by offering you to go for a walk with some animals. And so you get with the successful placement of your dog.

Act but an ad in your daily newspaper. or hang from broadsheet on the road. or on a bulletin board in the supermarket.

1. Shelters also help you in arranging your dog - you do not have it now! Necessarily there ...

2. even if your dog is not a purebred dog, you can at the different dog clubs and also request breed clubs if they assist in the mediation.

3. ask for your and other veterinarians to whether you must attach a note on the bulletin board ...

4. there are facilities such as Boxer-in-distress, Dachshund in-distress, Cattle Dogs in emergency, etc., etc. - which can find you using Google aunt, write a mail and ask for your support ...

And when it comes to delivery, then do not do anything without a written contract, let you submit a Perso ... And if it is only just going, then look for home address of the new dog owner.

All the best for you both

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