Additional Sport for lifesaving?

Good evening :)

How did the headline could you see this even sure I'm looking for a good additional sports for swimming or for lifesaving :)

And although I swim for about 5 years competitions. I'm good, but never good enough: (So ... always so 3rd place, sometimes 2nd place, but because I am now risen to a new age group, mostly worse.

Swimming in a second club is for me not in it real ...

So I wanted to operate a spare sports :)

I only unfortunately no plan, what kind. Most of all, without me having to join a new club.

Do you have ideas?

I would be glad.

Greetings, Delphiny <3

The best answer

I would suggest something totally different namely Yoga or Pilates. Just because you because other muscles are training and agility also increases, which can bring something in the competition already. Streching never hurts;)

Join on a running group. This is on a private basis. Look in your cheese flakes. Because most so what's in it.

triathlon is often combined to. firstly because of the perseverance, secondly, to take up as a separate sport. you can also work well as scale start in competition. Ig.

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