Adopting a second dog?

Hello, I am for one year in a dog from Hungary smitten. I find them just to bite, her charisma is so friendly and warm. It is also compatible just like my dog. But I'm not sure how the 2 dogs, so I have one. What is your experience with two? Have you villeicht also beginning doubt had and then did not regret it? My dog ​​I got a puppy, now she is 1 year and 4 months. From obedience wise, it is quite okey. Not quite perfect but you get in everyday life easy clear. Sure need a dog who never own family had education, but that it should not fail the second dog yes. Ds only major problem is that the dog does not like cats, what exactly grants should also mean, but with a competent dog trainer destined also feasible. Although I've just no puss, but later I would have been happy again one :) since my bitch Cats also like to have. I look forward to honest answers! Lg

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I used to always have a dog, sometimes two, short time sometimes three (my Althündin unfortunately died) and again two and two cats.

Personally, I do not ever want only a dog. I find it easy to have awesome 2 dogs. They go great with one another about - they play, cuddle, fight etc, I can not give everything a dog. Two dogs together is simply a completely different unit than 1 dog. I think the handling of dogs with each other so much that I often visit the breeder of my Rüdens. When her brother, sister, mother and two nieces living. It is simply amazing how all seven dogs run together, are etc,

But two dogs is not always great. Your dog is 1 year and 4 months, it is not yet an adult. It may well be that it accepts all the negative things the new female or both form a team against which you must arrive. One always thinks - if I walk with one or two dogs, do not care or even less work, because the play together. No, this is not necessarily so. You have two eighth, that can be used to triple work. An example: your not chasing now comes the second and go on once the hunting together. It wean them is much more difficult than with only one dog.

The costs are also not to be despised. The tax is usually twice as high for the second dog as for the first dog. Here is the cost of the first 100, - and the second 200, ie together 300, -. Plus food, insurance and veterinarian. Expensive it may be at the age when the niggles come, as well in both.

Also, both should not be dependent on one another. What if a die earlier than the other? Therefore, one should only with a dog do something now and then.

But what happens when the two women do not understand the long term? Your are not yet mature, because can still change a lot. What if it does not work with the growing up? Even it you must you worry.

I have male and female, which are to 99% like their lives long. I had, until recently, two females and one male. But my Althündin was resting in itself and I have ensured that my young bitch she gives her rest. With you it's different - your is not yet grown up.

As for cats, which is questionable. I have used for many cats and dogs at each other. With a lot of time, patience, it comes often. But not always. A friend of mine has 4 dogs. 3 dogs have no problem with cats, the fourth killing them. A used to each other is not possible. Otherwise, the dog is a loving dog - only not in cats.

But since you have such currently no cats, that would be of secondary importance to me. Should it go, you'll eventually think about to bring a. If it does not go, then just do not.

Probably I have you now even more confused and not helped you with my answer.


I have two and regret I do it only sometimes. I go with my dog ​​as much as possible separately because they have different Intressen.

Two dogs make three times as much dirt, and also cost more.

I am all weekend with the dogs go. Saturday Hundeschule first with the dogs, afternoon with the bitch. Sunday Old visit with the bitch. At home, we go out first with the remaining dog.

A dog that does not like cats is hard to get used to a. How do you know the bitch is compatible? Have you seen her live? Or just read the description on some website?

Two dogs have a completely different potential than just a dog.

This means you have to check very well. Working with each of the two dogs individually, educate, train ... If it is necessary to walk alone if necessary with any of the two.

This time, a different kind of behavior as a social group and possibly reject foreign dogs have to take into account. You have to pay also take responsibility - lovingly for each of the two dogs, to stand firm.

Since the early 1980s still live with me Dogs in more dog ownership. I pay attention to age appropriate distances even if I take dogs past. The living with me "Althunde" help me a lot a adventitious dog also make socially again. Here I am working with my dogs.

Overall, it can be very positive and fulfilling more than keeping a single dog. For dogs and humans as social groups Mitnutzniesser.

However, it may not work well. When two mismatched dogs are socialized that would rather have gone in life out of the way.

Unfortunately, you also write anything about how old the dog to be adopted would be if she lived as a street dog, or, and so on.

On this basis, can you advise to, nor advise. A roughly the same age or even older than your bitch bitch, what to you has the home, please be sure to leave it alone!

No matter how you love be should, it's only smart and real a much younger dog (ie puppy) added to socialize to your right at the age bitch.

Good luck! Information for dog ownership, which as acts to conduct yourself with the following book:

With the dog on you - to understand his character and behavior, Author: Eberhard Trumler

Hatt until last year two dogs. Have never regretted it and can really nothing negative to. Both of killing and shelter. But a male and female. Have super well understood. Now my Dicker alone, bitch is dead and I'm looking again for a Fellnase.

Two dogs that get along well, are absolutely great !!! :)

Your's very young and determined in accordance with adaptable, especially when it has no dominant character as you write. When stray dog ​​can be assumed that it is already socialized excellently from her life as a vagrant - it also speaks that they get along so well at the shelter with her new pack.

Of course, you should be absolutely sure that the two of them really well tolerated before deciding to you - why ride Just common to the animal shelter and makes a long walk in threes! Then you're know and have no more doubts.

I have learned that two dogs are even less complicated than one because they can wonderfully deal with each other - in a way that you can not offer as a human being;)! In addition, it is much easier (for your conscience) and pleasant when he has company while waiting if you have for your dog time alone away).

If you someday want a cat, then you can use the same approach: let first Meet on neutral ground rather than to surprise the dog so that in his district.

In a very small cat that might work best - you it could be the bitch keep under his nose, necessarily caress the bitch here and praise and closely observe their behavior: if it sniffs curiously rather than growl or react defensively that's the half the battle - if they abschleckt the kittens first, it has been recovered and is adopted by her, or at least accepted as a new member of the family;)!

If that does not work, then you have to give up the cat up, but that should you be worth the bitch -. Maybe she has times a bad experience with cats made (one got on the nose) or she has ev a strong hunting instinct - the would unfortunately also mean that they could instigate your current dog for hunting, which is not necessarily facilitate the keeping of two dogs ...).

Remember you need to nat. the higher cost of food, vet and taxes.

Otherwise, I see nothing but what would argue against a second dog - if the conditions are right, outweigh the benefits far and luckily one has two hands to pet;)!

exactly in the term forth like my dog, just loving and cheerful: D madness, I'm so fond of!

your current bitch has NOT to get the opportunity to know the other bitch on neutral ground IN ADVANCE --also before you decide whether you take or new but not because the two archenemies are-- but that requirement ,, if you a second BITCH joins a first to do so.

hündinenn are gnadennlos, if they do not understand they fight and are thereafter also barely good, otherwise s al in rude, fighting it out and are often behind good friends or repektieren itself - bitches are as unforgiving -

so I would not make it - if you really a second dog to want to have, then get yourself a present of your bitch in the animal shelter out - there are enough of the animal shelter and wait for switching .and then can your bitch her partner search, for it must after all continue to live with!

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