Adventurousness? or puberty?

Hey I'm a 15 year old girl and my life is so BORING !! I hate to make every day always the same, and to see the same people. I am hiding all the time behind my books or watch episodes and movies, because at least something exciting experience. Physiologically it shows that it is always bad to me. I was always happy and nice and now I'm just in bed and read. I always dream that my life would be just like in the books or movies. And so everyday things can not make me happy. I thought it was just a phase, but it is now already 2 years and it is not really better. Can you tell me if it stops sometime or what you can do about it ???

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WOW .. we could be sisters.

If I have my 'bad days', I always go into a playground (often with my books) and Socialize there friendships.

Try it .. there are so many interesting people that you get to know thereby. : DD

So I also would sometimes :) I was mega love (as in books whatsoever, Boy + Girl = dream couple - corporate deal in common etc.) then I've addressed my flock and yes .. Shortly thereafter, we came together and it was really nice. Okay that's not quite as in books but we are jz together for 3 years and were last and penultimate summer holidays have or on holiday together backpacks packed some money taken and are a bit rumgefahren (cycling, track, aircraft) it was very nice and we have been driving during the Easter holidays skiing and trekking: D maybe pouches with 15 something too young but I recommend to you: Try the close what makes you happy. Or ask your parents if you are allowed during the summer holidays backpacking with one or make multiple girlfriends :) me It seemed to like that would have been a writer.

This is me at 100% as well, I think this is due to puberty, takes so little to the is over :)

If you just sit around and nothing for his dreams does stays that way for

Pass on maybe it's a depression. But if you want adventure and excitement, then you seeking a friend. Your friend ;)

Search NEN friend or hobby and nothing is more lsngweilig

I feel the same way

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