Affair with teacher ?! 111einself

Hello. What is there for consequences if a student with the teacher has an affair? So secretly, without the others noticed?

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So, "secret" is a very bad idea, because everything always comes out. The consequence for the teacher would be that he would get a charge of abuse of charges and it is entered into the guide book of the teacher. The teacher can also have its "teaching certificate" lose thereby.

In summary, there was pretty severe consequences for the teacher or the teacher, whether it was by mutual agreement or not.

Depends how old you are when you're younger than 16, he can ensure even to prison but otherwise he will lose his job and the student is thrown most out of school or they can remain, but that will then get around anyway, then the student is teased at school so she goes to a different school. The teacher, however must not again be a teacher and would opt for another job, but it will then also be available on his file that he what had with a student and in the student is in the witness or otherwise and are somewhere that you know what had with a teacher and this makes it difficult for the student to find a training place, so so fast you can not get out of the number.

Heimlich does not exist. Someone always gets what with the teacher loses his job and you will not be determined with him. It's just a short temper that would let you do this

as long as no one will notice no. If they do, then terminate and vlt display

Nothing. But if it comes out: the teacher is fired, his profession forever going on and has when it was intimate probably ne action for seduction of minors in the neck

If none will notice, that has no consequences.

Gets it the Direx hear - reference, disbarment, Strafversetzung, jail - can pick what.

If no one will notice, it has no legal value.

But this is highly unlikely.

He loses his job and gets big trouble, he comes even perhaps to jail! LET IT RATHER BE

The determined noticed all, sooner or later!

The teacher is going on his job and the student threatens a perhaps even a school exclusion.

The student happened nix

If the student is under 18, the teacher because of sexual harassment of minors go to jail. His job he repays rid of the announcement.


He loses his job and possibly going to jail.

Greetings, Dreams97

na wenns no mitkriegt


no ;-)

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