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Hello everybody,

my girlfriend was bitten on Saturday while hiking by a dog in both lower legs. The animal has overthrown without notice and without any provocation on them. Since then we have gone from an emergency room to the next, have with tens experts geprochen because of the treatment, there you go very bad. After the holder had given false information about himself and is gone he could not yet be ermittet. Therefore a full Tollwutbehandung was conducted on Wednesday due to lack of accessibility / Untersuchbarkeit the dog. The police are already tuned. I can and am not going to accept the fact that the holder does not arise of its responsibility. According to numerous specialists of this animal alternate poses a potential danger to others. I have had even two dogs and am sure no dog haters. Does anyone have any tips or Empfehung what you still can do? Thanks for your tips.

PS: Please no political discussion about dogs or rabies

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You can only hope that the police find the dog owner on the basis of your description. I hope that he punished for aggravated assault and the dog is fed. Your friends can still sue for pain and suffering it then.

You can go to the police and press charges against unknown persons.

However, it is very unlikely that the dog owner will be taken because of your venture physical description.

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