Again air off my car tires do what?

Hello, I have asked the question in advance on Saturday but now the air was down from the same tire again!

I have the tires again put themselves under water to check if a hole is there and blow coming but the tire has no hole, somebody pulled me the air by design (in which he presses on the valve)

What can you do if you should get him here? Is it an offense if you want to manipulate the tire at a foreign car?

Is there a solution that I can prevent it? The one who always chooses the same tires.

And what is very funny, before 4 months it was about in advance so, and if a hole in it would not wait for the mature but 4 months until the air again loses?

The best answer

When it comes to the same tires I rather suspect that in the tire Something is retracted. If this subject reasonably grade is pure and is reasonably smooth seals of even the puncture site well, only when the tire rolls over this point is due to the possibility that Walken air escapes.

With Something you can take a long time and one day you will leave the car during tire coincidentally on this point is, the next day is then flattened the tires.

Have you ever once tasted the air let out by pressing on the valve to a disk? As you stand half an hour beside a sizzling car, who should be so stupid? If someone you air rauslässt rotates out the valve insert out!


the tip of fuji415 I like that. If the rim does not show rust problems on the rim flange or damage such as aluminum wheels, it's rather hardly noticeable, escapes much air in several weeks. Nevertheless, I recommend that a nitrogen gas for the tires. Since the gas is thicker than air, it also does not escape so quickly.

To your other question: The Unauthorized deflation is not a crime, alas! It satisfied (only) the offense of coercion.

Moin, if you suspect that you may be someone the air out of the tires, you should, if necessary, even in a Trailcamera invest. The there for little money and then take if off what moved before the lens. So a Strauchdieb, lets the air out of tires, so you can get fast!

That a tire keeps for months and then suddenly leaking is ....... I do not believe.

Also .... Although am not a lawyer, but let air out of the tires is safe not only coercion but also damage to property. And if there is an accident, therefore .....

There are valve covers that can be solved only with a tool and tighten without turning these things but it does nothing. That would be one way or the vehicle so nobody park the to ripen comes. Unscrew wheels would be too cumbersome solution.

You're wrong probable.

Tubeless tires like lose air due to poor installation and / or unclean rims (rust, dirty paintwork).

Through the "kneading" and "walking" in the operation of a leak can occur sporadically - under load and not in the water.

When in doubt, let a hose feed (also in tubeless tires) - which gives security.

My valve caps are hand-tightened with pliers so that no one can solve them without tools.

For this they are with Edding painted so that each tool track can be seen.

In 95 percent of these cases the problem is to look at the tire and its mounting - not the "malicious" neighbors.

Übrgens: Not every rim is always airtight - load change much.

may be someone who thinks you have "his" public parking "untitled" is, happened on the same park area?

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