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A friend of mine is locked at Air Berlin, this now applies to all airlines?

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It will of course be locked only at airberlin. Of course, it could be that also impose through the partnership of Etihad Airways Partners Air Serbia, Etihad, Air Seychelles, Alitalia, Darwin Airline, Jet Airways and Niki the lock also. That it goes so far that all Oneworld airlines stealing the lock, I do not think.

Gets but inexpertly in customer hotline ^^ And when he is locked in Airberlin then it is probably not blocked for other airlines.

why should it be blocked for other airlines ?? Etihad would have questioned, cooperation

Airberlin and Etihad have a strategic partnership, but they will certainly not this lock uebernehmen.Andere Airlines already not. LG gadus

Depending on what you have blocked him.


Of course it is locked at all major airlines in the world, because who advances another person to ask such a question here at GF, should not (or never) be taken more ;-)

And did you this ominous friend also told why he wants you to ask this question and what is the real reason for this question? And even if this is true, and is conclusive why he wants to rely on the answers given here and what he wants then to do?

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