Air transport with dog ....... England - Spain .... who has experience that?

It would have me interested times what we need to do to a dog from England to Spain to carry with an airline. I've heard that is supposed to be very difficult and expensive.

The best answer

I would because on ejden event rather take the faehre -the goes one to Santander and pet deurfen with un using a special pet deck!

Clarify before starting out, if you must carry the dog back so simple back !!

I remember that only 6 months quarantine was possible the importation of animals into the Commonwealth. Whether it is still so, I do not know, but if you then have your pet for 3 weeks to take holidays when he would sit behind six months without contact with the family in a kennel, I would not do to my animals.

pet dog comes to you

big dog in the belly of the flier

Seeding is important

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