Airbags in new cars. If the passenger airbag on if only one person in the car is sitting?

Go for new cars at each impact on both airbags or if someone is sitting in the passenger side ????

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The front airbags are only triggered at a correspondingly severe frontal collision. Whether only the driver's or the passenger airbag is triggered depends on two factors:

  • Seat occupancy recognition yet?
  • Disconnection for child seat is present and active?

If a seat occupancy detection is present, the passenger airbag is triggered only when the seat is occupied.

When the airbag is disabled because an existing shutdown for a child seat, then it will not be triggered by a major accident, of course.

Most modern cars have a seat sensor. So only the necessary airbags are deployed.

It varies from car to car, just you, the can not say because it is also different depending on the situation and strength of an accident. As precisely it depends how the control unit programming is responsive and which sensors in the accident.

There is not nothing that function to turn off the passenger airbag for driving with a child seat.

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