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Hello everybody,

I'm doing a presentation on aviation safety. Seeking a good flight accident statistics about crashes with airliner. However, I find simply no good. If anyone knows a good hand, I would be very happy: D Also a list of major air accidents with airliners I find not. If someone like familiar order violation.

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almost everything you need, you'll find under at Boeing

"Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents Worldwide Operations 1959 - 2013"

Many pages air accidents, broken down by types of aircraft, flight hours, Airlines, causes, periods etc.

Just come clean.

The most comprehensive data you were allowed probably find JACDEC. However, there are those not free. 24 hours access to the database costs 29 euros, one month 699 euro:

Otherwise, perhaps the avherald all filters except "Crash" disable. This brings some results and reports, Allerding only from 1999 to present.

Even on Wikipedia there is to find some. Google time for "list of disasters of aviation"

This time as an approach, perhaps it will help further.

a list of the 60 safest airlines (image data of JACDEC) http: // -...

Here you find the worst:

I hope I could help you. LG Timo

Here's a page with information. (I could link this not in the previous answer, insert spam protection)

http: // ...

Hope this helps you :)


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