alg 1 after modulation now approved announce?

Hello everybody. I am are the 10:03. On the Controls and get alg1 what it looks like I will be retrained. A medical report, requested by the AFA, stating that my old job no longer suffering justice is. Now times the question I'm still employed by the old company and by the disease some urlaubstage're incurred, which of course I would like to still take to cash speak. Is it possible that a suspension agreement to make, or possibly even to terminate itself? Kriegt the AFA that with at all?

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Unless safeguards provided is that you get approved retraining, you could make a termination agreement.

Otherwise you should just make a termination agreement, if you can get a medical certificate that you no longer want to pursue the profession / allowed.

Kriegt the AFA that with at all?

Better not keep silent, otherwise there is trouble because of unduly paid benefits.



You should neither terminate nor sign a termination agreement. Your employer will terminate you, sooner or later, simply just wait. But while you are still employed there, you have even leave entitlement.

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