ALG I + Arbeitsagentur + annulment decision of the employment office

Hi, I'm at a loss and very desperate + helpless - Silk 5:13 I'm sick, only OP both hands and carpal from 9:13 mentally - moderate depression. Visited end 13 for 3 weeks inpatient therapy - dismiss AU, further recognized in treatment at two psychiatrists. 7:14 to 8:14 rehab dismissed from the pension provider, also AU, with clue that I should be treated. 9:14 to 11:14 day hospital, dismissed AU, deterioration - severe Depr. - Higher medication intake to apply with frank one-time pension. My workplace is still only have the six weeks to get paid by the employer, then, be controlled by health insurance. And ALG I and approved based. I also supply office in 8:14 - the moderate depression degree been awarded by 40%. In 11:14, I was urged by the employment office to sign an application for rehabilitation or acquisition-pension - consent - otherwise lock. This I did. The Seamless AU's continued success - until today and also announced the Office. From office I was sent to reviewers - his opinion is not known to me, but when I tried to obtain an equivalence, this was rejected. Reason, I'm not the labor market in the foreseeable future because of AU available - findings of this expert. I continue to work on my sung with my doctors and therapists, there are ups and downs again. I also was told by DRV, of the application may not correspond to performance to medical rehabilitation end 1.15. Justification -It are none 4 years ago - and on performance but are not so severe that premature for Medz. Rehabilitation of Health Care Reform. is necessary for reasons. Lay down a no contradiction - it was now time not 6 months ago. Beginning 3:15 I received a call from the A.Vermittlerin - she asked after my health, what babbling of the Professional perspectives - a day later I received an invitation. 4days later the teaching writing exam continuation of Arbv .; BGR. the DRV with rejection of Medz. Reha known geg. I am not diminished performance and vollschichtig arb. can. To date 2 Ar-known and presented current AU. On me persuade suffered a collapse. If a blank form Signing, Erklr. for Restleistugsvermögen - I did not. Set for 20:03 him now. submit. Threatened me with the power setting - the Währe until 2.16. Yesterday came the annulment decision, repealed from 11:03. Even to this day when I was there, I get no power. Now I must apply ALGII -. Can do it, even if I contest the opposition, I get not the same money again and ALGII is not enough for our costs - mortgage - Administrator-cost - and mine is very ill, he gets only ALGI - I just do not. Can you give me more advise something I can do against this. Thank you

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Go as quickly as possible to a lawyer. Because you are destitute, you incur only times no cost. He will do everything more.

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