ALG II - lock Yes / No?

Hey guys,

me is the theme very embarrassing news first.


I am 23 and am currently in a private school, the technical college entrance should that go for 2 years. I am now at the end of the first year.

I make the first year not even. No matter how much I try hard in math and physics, will I break the neck at the end. Did it just imagined I must admit ... naive as I was.

I got me therefore considered me prematurely (before the end) unsubscribe me to get first clear head what I ever want and what else do I have open to possibilities.


If the premature termination a blocking reason from ALG?

I mean before I go now three months there without views to a degree, I could use the three months much more meaningful. So my thought.

I want to be a parasite, please do not understand that. Wanted to still simply add at the end.


The best answer

the Abrruch should really draw any Perre after not esgeht yes to ALG1

An obstacle could however be if you should have completed initial training - then it is difficult with the ALGII

Otherwise reporting requirement no later than 3 days after the vulnerability aware that could otherwise also at least theoretically result in sanctions

A canceled school is likely to get not hinder no ALG II. Possibly can you give you from the school confirming that it is meaningless to you and you will not make the final. then go to the Job Center and ask only once for a job.

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