All downloads damaged? -!

Hey I have since nem half month a new pc ..... i5 4460 Palit gtx 750ti of nvidia 6gb ddr3 ram 1000terrabyte seagate desktop hdd

So the problem is that I could download anything for 3 weeks except it was not complete or the download freezes .... On my phone it's happened to you. I think that has something to with the internet providers do cables Germany Have no viruses or adware or so my pc is clean!

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Kontrollier times where your downloads are stored. Can it be that you have the operating system on a separate partition and there is no more space on it?

Downloads are automatically stored on the OS partition, because here also the user is stored, if you do not set differently.


Great that we now know which PC you, and congratulations to 1000 terabytes (I only have 3 TB).

More important would be to see what program you downloaded invite server from which that file ...

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