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Here mal ne ask something different from me .... I have a severe depression, and svv an eating disorder and I can not I want to die ..... but I can my girlfriend my friends related and not dasthen I leave will also übriegens soon admitted to a institution I can not because my problems often for school and fly one probably soon so here's my question: how can I distract myself best: / and end with sv?

The best answer

hm So first you have to find out what thoughts you to so depressed do that you should avoid and displace as and at what else you can think where you can laugh at all as much as possible on things to think where you laugh once the distracting and raises mood can even some funny videos Watch on Youtube or so, hm I would best do not know your life but hugged too will help also of your nick name her close I you're a zocker and do not have as much contact with girls from indeed therefore, the hormone very as do the printing whom one is not sexually satisfied because you might like to change something and you times down a girlfriend now the last I would like to also suggest to go once in a church time to read something from the gable and God asking for help he helps you to get the in the hand and learn the stop force to are definitely to gamble and times on which more reasonable change a musical instrument or a sport something you longer to complete in any case and more go out to experience what !!! the latter would take antidepressant are!

Surely you know a person who you trust - or? Talk to this person very open and honest about your fears and problems. You can also consult your doctor, to the pastors, teachers, friends, acquaintances or relatives you ....

Or just call at times when one of the following numbers.

Telefonseelsorge: 0800-1110111 and 0800-1110222

Kummer phone specifically for children and adolescents: 0800-1110333 (Monday to Saturday, 14 - 20:00)

In many cases, it's helpful to be suffering can unburden yourself time - when a good listener is there. And good listeners hear not just, but also help with advice and tips.

In any case you need urgent help - and there are many people who want to help you and be. Only the first step you have to do yourself by yourself Someone entrust.

You need to have no fear. Whomever you mention - you'll be taken seriously with your problem.

Even though you pretty much look at the moment in the dark: There is certainly also for you a light at the end of your tunnel - and a solution. So - give yourself please do not, take help. All the best and good luck

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