All the guys love me?

My girlfriend is very thick and also not pretty and has a crush on as a so good-looking types and loves me ... and it's always like that introduces me to someone and falling in love with me, now my girlfriend is pissed because I look so good. How can I help her?

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Altaa people now think Just have all your mouth !! When her friend nunmal just is not the slimmest, then that's just the way because horsegirl can not help it: / If they would only pay attention to the exterior, it would be unlikely friends with this girl! Your they now have to really, not all massacred here so, but they just wanted your advice on how they can help her friend and the situation has perhaps shown a bit clumsy, but my God! Since you do not have all the same beat up it, you know it did not yet !!!!!! And something @horsegirl

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