Allergy / Skin Problem?

For several days, burning and stinging my fingers all weird, usually at the joints / simmer, but also often wash the inside of the forefinger, but not always, but when stressed, use as house keys, hands, contact with the jacket pocket, friction u.ä .... I see on the skin mostly nothing and sometimes red spots. Metal or nickel allergy really can not bear to be, because it yes also occurs in many metal-free stuff ... Feels at stress on mostly as nettle and insect bite simultaneously, I do not even know that. What is just? Should probably go to the dermatologist, but you have an idea what could be? I had no open wounds and never allergies. It is also seen as I said nothing, except now and redness.

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It could still be a nickel allergy, it does not strike at all. it can also be so on the fabric.

But as you use our remote diagnostics unfortunately nothing, you make it by a dermatologist, can check with a Alleregietest.

Get well.

LG Pummelweib :-)

Hey ... I know someone of the similar or almost exactly does and it has a precursor of a water allergy. Try going to the dermatologist and let test dicj. Remember, your body all 7 years developed new :)

I have the reason for my symptoms himself discovered - there are side effects of an antidepressant (Hypericum). Since then, I no longer take it, said abnormalities are also gone.

Allergies come suddenly and without proper reason, that sounds like urticaria, ie hives. You have to consult a dermatologist and can make an allergy test.

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