Allow Kreidler Florett with Drosslungsring as moped?

Hello, I have a Kreidler Florett LF and a Drosslungsring and I do not know if I can leave as a moped it now. She drives yes now 25 Km / h and I would like to me now also reluctant to buy a new one.

I thank you apologize in advance for any replies.

The best answer

In the foil LF that will not work, because:

  • Footrests instead pedals are available
  • Foot circuit instead of max. 3 speed manual transmission (Flory engine would this necessary)
  • Bench too long because MOFA may generally / physically have only one seat.
  • Missing ABE for the throttle bodies (especially since there is not something for these models)
  • When remodeling a Kreidler Flory MF23 engine you would need appropriate comparison papers and chain set according to these papers. Then you have a chance of a successful individual examination with re-registration to MOFA.

20 years ago was not. Because it has no pedals. But may be, it is today possible, a scooter has also no pedals.

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