Almost 7 you had even a little tear in the eye

hey in honor of Paul William Walker you had-rigging in which even slight tears in his eyes ...

He was such a great actor and if one ever will be almost 8, he will definitely be missing ..

Did you almost 7 like and what you think about the movie?

and-rigging via the?

The best answer

Probably Cody Walker will then take place Pauls

I was also quite sad because especially at the end, the final scene with Vin and Paul brother voted me very sad. In part 8 he is definitely missing. :(

I do not think an 8 part will follow. The actors have the part's only gone on to Paul in honor. He is also a urgestein the fast & furious and he would be easily replaced ... No.

I'd say it die with us enough other people. To those nobody weeps after. I just think at times all the old people who are in the nursing home and wait for death. For an actor, the difference is that when they do business well to need to worry about money. Old people does.

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