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so I have to keep the end of this week my GFS. I've always been such a shitty feeling in my stomach when I think that I can not present in and acquit easy, I will not say, but just always had a great fear of failure. In addition, I have to answer the teacher to my subject matters, what if I so panicked and blacked getting?

Can we do anything against such anxiety?


The best answer

Steige Do not get too pure, I know it is very hard, I am so not thinking you '' What if I get a blackout '' but think: '? What if everything is going well and I'm doing everything right' ''
Imagine during Pärsentation that you have in your room or wherever you practiced standing. Stop at the place where it has always worked with the present.

Show that you are well prepared and google unclear words to non-you do not know a word and then asks exactly this.

Breathe deeply in and out and what may sound funny, but it helps to massage your earlobes short, but very effective.

What is also important you should not just make only a presentation, but really dealing yourself with the subject when you can do it pick yourself seeking a that you like, because if you like it and you concerned yourself with it and understand it quicker and easier.

I hope I could help you.

Take best Beruigungstabletten 5 min prior to the presentation ... That really helped me a lot;)

Present is simply a matter of practice. The more you have to present, the better it will be. It will especially be better if you have a sense of achievement. It is important that you do not make yourself crazy, even though it may difficult.

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