Alone live, no longer bearable :(

Hi, I have a problem and ask for help. :(

I study at a technical university away from home.

I live here alone and on my college are just guys with whom I can as girls do not include proper friendships. My family and friends are as I said get out of here.

My friend lives in another country. have since 1.5Jahren we have a long distance relationship, but especially today, when I hand the whole pairs seen everywhere in Hand Could I simply no longer. I am so sad degree. I fuhle really lonely.

I thought ok this semester you look for a club or sonstiges..vlt. in college or bib friends ..

But it is eig with us. Always so that after the lectures the air with sb. is outside and all want .. there back home you can not go to people.

NO, I'm not reticent. I like to accost people and am an open person. Only by learning material degree it works nowhere.

Please give me a tip, otherwise I still rotating through

thank you

The best answer

The only thing that comes to mind would be perhaps a WG to found. Or to look outside the university a leisure activity, since it is yet mt security some ways be as sports, art or just going into the café and quite naturally start with someone talking, because you, as you write, not're cautious, should it nevertheless, you easily. I wish you luck

Pull in a wg could help

Why always so much to learn if more than half ruined it?

why not go eig. work? heist because of coal ... because obviously coal = fun .... but I only see people who work, sleep, work, sleep have forgotten what they make it .... so want it just say times

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