Alone ride? Pony familiar terrain?

I have now since 2012. My gelding, he is 9 and was geprescht by the previous owner only through the terrain.
To date I have sogut ridden him as their own.
the former rb is also ridden with him.
So he knows terrain and anything can happen like that.
She's been riding alone with him & her friend by bike alongside.

So, I wanted to now ride again, but unfortunately we are only 2 other in an open stall.
What just a ride.

do you think I can ride alone?

The best answer

Depends on if you dare to you this. And of course, how old are you
Normal it is namely so that you do when you're not of age, allowed to ride alone not without a senior. If what happened and you were outside alone, the insurance company pays namely not there you are, as I said not of age.
If you are of course more than eighteen is riding alone is not a problem if you zutraust the you and your horse. :-)

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