Already he again!

So I had a friend but he broke up and now he wants to be with me but only because his friends have made a guilty conscience him and I heard that he did that already with many girls back also is ervier jJahre old but he cares about me whether I feel good or bad, and I do not know what to do ... should I be with him or not again?

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Of course it is your decision alone, but I would not be with him again but remain friends.

Be honest, what you promise you actually it again with this boy to be your ex boyfriend together and what do you think of how long it would hold at the second attempt? Against a friendly contact between you two, provided that the mutual interest is it exists, of course, talking about nothing.

It is important that he wants to come back sounds somehow forced to when it really means you have to decide to buy it. I must, however, connect the Reply Rim.

It is as often as here a serious question that only you can answer really. In such relationship issues, there is no panacea. When you hear that it is only out of pity, then you should let it be. It will indeed had his reasons why the relationship had failed, and I think to your description, you can not really assume that it has its flaws, which led to the first separation turned off.

I think therefore, in my view, you should have it, but ultimately you have to know what is better for you and your heart.

So someone who cares for you, if it goes well or bad you is not worth its gold. How old are you, Bunny?

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