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Is there an alternative to Bing and Google Translate? Please respond in Links

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the best translator is still the flesh and blood - that man - because the Babel Fish (English Babelfish.), the fictional creatures from the novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, which is introduced in your ear and the support allows an understanding of all spoken languages, not yet discovered and / or invented.

And the popular Internet translation service Babelfish, which was named after this model, enough - as other online translator - nowhere to be modeled zoom.

There is no good online text or set-translator, text or sentence translator apps, text or sentence translator programs, etc., because:

• Language is alive and changes

• have the most words more than one meaning

• words depending on the context may have different meanings.

• use machine translators usually the most common translation of a word

• machine translator can not "read between the lines"

• Machinery translator neither the grammar

• still reflect the different word order in German and in the foreign language.

Therefore, machine translations are more than a framework for a translation, and must be carefully repaired.

Mostly it is faster translations same using a good dictionary ** ** it (** Langenscheidt, Pons **, etc.) or with online-dictionaries (**, ** , etc. to make) themselves. but this assumes a certain level of basic skills in the language.

:-) AstridDerPu even made ​​me my english teacher recommended haha: D

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