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here I naturally very fortunate to soon face my professional work and our free subscription to Microsoft Word has expired (and is not even extend to the calendar Trick ... ._.) and the full version is too expensive, too if it actually would be a wise investment, but which I currently can not afford. Word Pad is unfortunately not a good option. Do you know or are there programs that have a structure similar to Word (including so many features have) and downloaded free of charge are (the whole legal course ^^)?

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LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Scribus, Abiword there are all as Portable versions. The all you can try without what is written in the registry. If you should not like a program, so you need only delete the folder!

LibreOffice can read and write DOCX and other enhancements from Microsoft Office of 2007.

OpenOffice, although I find it a little more complicated by the handling

Is it open Office. I even realize there actually in normal use is not much difference. Write, print and good :)

OpenOffice or Pages :)


Is there free at :)



or LibreOffice:

OpenOffice! Http://

Look at me, I have the same question asked for excel, and get answer enough (of course include all word similar programs) AllTheTests times through, now I use LibreOffice

LibreOffice 4.3.5

LibreOffice is a free package for office work, which will be further developed autonomously since the spin-off from OpenOffice project. How OpenOffice also includes LibreOffice Writer word processing, Calc spreadsheet, database base, the presentation program, Impress and Draw drawing program.

LibreOffice supports the formats of Microsoft Office and facilitates inter alia the exchange of tables with Microsoft users, whereby OLE links are to be retained for other Excel files. In addition, the import of file formats such as DOCX and RTF is possible. Handwritten notes in Word documents or mathematical formulas in RTF files shows LibreOffice to also. The import filter reads also Microsoft Publisher and Visio files. Who do not satisfy the functions already present, which can LibreOffice supplement extensions and templates that are available on the manufacturer's site to download. (...) Http://

As above noted, OpenOffice is only maintained.

Alternatively, the aforementioned OpenOffice also lends itself to LibreOffice. That you can here for free sheetDownload:

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