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I have for years played Call of Duty MW3 but then stopped because I was too stupid. Since I play other games and did well again bock on CoD.

However, I was told by zocker kumpels, the old parts are practically dead and / or infested with cheaters, hence the older parts do not come into question.

I do not even € 50 for CoD AW spend me is still too bad. Ghosts should nichit so of his charm and black ops 2 is too old.

Question to the Gamer: Is there similar games like Call of Duty?

I have gambled the last years Counterstrike and Battlefield and would once again like to meet a "simpler" game.

Must of course not be 1: 1 copies CoD, but as in the direction it should go already.

I play the way on the pc

thank you

The best answer

If you really want to show your skills and do not want to be upset about any illogical crap constantly because the illogic of the game is the pure Mind Fuck, I advise you CS: GO to play. A game that is really a challenge, unlike this Noobspiel of COD (and no I will defend anything or talk to 14 year olds, why COD is better) You will die, you will learn and again and again, but I tell you when you first one months stay tuned, will make a lot more fun than Call of headaches. Good luck and have fun. If that does not suit you, I can say that Battlefield 3 or Bad Company 2 is also well attended and enjoyed playing :)


If you want more realism, then Arma II or Arma 3. "Easy" is not, however. Endless possibilities, but no BumBum Action, jumping up, jump down, jumping from jet to jet or something. Since pure tactics conscientious planning and patience is required. Best known as Coop with ACE Mod in Multiplayer. But just look yourself best if what is for you ...

https: // v = UsIpkJOHu2k & list = PLQlTkHDXuuEoj2zK3uc9DWbljt ...

Well then is cod actually the easiest thing there is I mean you shoot up the guy in front of you falling over ... I can recommend you the story of Far Cry 3 very or cs: go.

Desteny. Is of the pacemakers of HALO and cod

How about Team Fortress 2?

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