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Hello community! I am very fascinated by the series "Game of Thrones" and have also been the first four seasons plus the first four episodes of the fifth season seen what it but so far only in English, and I would like the fifth season he prefers in German watch! My problem now is that I'm actually sick and the whole day lying in bed and I'd love a series looking at the time, which is so similar to Game of Thrones, but I know me not to help. PS: I have already Breaking Bad (although is not so similar but at least the quality of her just as well.), Prison Break, Spartacus and Supernatural seen, so this does not suggest please. And not propose the first four seasons to look again, that I have indeed already twice;)

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vikings I can also recommend, in my opinion, are similar because even a few characters which from GOT.

how about house of cards (intrigue in the 21st century: D)

Completely different department, but since you've also liked Breaking Bad I can tell you The Walking Dead recommend! Great series with extremely good actors! :) Lg

If hard to find a show that is very similar, but maybe you like yes Tudors or Pillars of the Earth, no idea: D

Or Vikings and Rome, but I have not seen myself

Better Call Saul, The Leftovers

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