Am 17 years & I've had enough!

Hello people .. I am 17 years old going on august 18! I've only MIST built and done nothing. I have a high school with 3.6 .. I understood it until now what's going on .. please help .. what should I do? I still have a chance?

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Nice that you yourself einsiehst that you can not be satisfied. You're young, you have been turned on your brain and are in beautiful Germany so many opportunities for you.

Inform yourself about training opportunities. Maybe you can catch up on your high-school diploma. You can also search a training if you prefer to work like. You can call the agency and seek advice you sometimes.

I know your problem. I was also so and have never managed anything. At 18 I thought so too, but would all strapped .. Had still took some time before it was really ready.

I did a training course for high school's about the ILS and besides odd jobs to pay for my the whole.

So - where there's a will, there's a way and many roads lead to Rome, as long as you do not give yourself.

I'll keep my fingers crossed! :-)

Repeat the last class and make it better. Or go to a vocational school

Of course, hindsight is better than none. Think about what you want and sit for the future all the levers it in gear

Neither will you propose a plan of life here; perhaps you also make it your own thoughts

If you are from Austria then go into poly Carry an extra year is extra mend around the notes :)

Get the Realschulabschluß by or mach ne doctrine, unless you get an apprenticeship at all.

If you understand what's going on .... congratulations - others provide not even the 25! Mach you a plan and live it

pull yourself the belt and then klappts ....

you have listings in your police Act or similar? because that can spoil much

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