Am I a dog owner?

In the apartment I lived a roommate who keeps a dog. The dog bit me several times already, so I do not go out with him for a walk.

Now thinks someone from the city, that I am also a dog owner. Can it really be?

The best answer

This can be assessed only if one knows the circumstances and how it is established that you were dog owners.

Everything else is just rumgerätselt.

In many cities and towns all apply to a household living dogs as held by all household members.

Whether that's with you so you can take the dog tax statutes your church.

Dog owner is always the one who has acquired the dog and is entered on the tax bill of the dog. But I do not quite understand. Why is someone from the city, claiming that you were the holder? In more detail would be helpful.

Why the city comes to you? You will not pay but the dog tax you. Which does not change the fact that the dog lives in your apartment


The dog runs on your roommate and hopefully also logged into the community as such. Finished - it is a dog owner, not you.

Ask for what you want and explain it.

Dog owner is the owner of the dog!

Now thinks someone from the city,

... Why thinks that someone? Ordnungsamt?

Then tell me what happened ... Just because you're the apartment tenants, which does not mean that you're a dog owner.

But of course you make the employee by the Compliance Office if necessary truthfully state the name of the true owner of the dog ...

No you're not a dog halter!

So you yourself kaunst you already have a dog zulegn daun you're surrounded by the dog the dog owner oba you ned the dog halter / roommate because her name is from the dog Deina girlfriend in the gaunzn Pässn dri .... i hope that i da help Kennan lifted

Certainly not!

Can not be, just because I could, for example, marijuana in the house, my roommate is also far from being a pothead .....

The dog is just ads.

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