Am I imagining because what one / I'm funny?

Hello Comm. I love my best friend for about 4 months and I bombed out with her. However I noticed that 1 girl often looks when I talk me lately with my friends. Often we look in the eye but why she looks at me as ever at? Will it something from me or my imagination as what a? I'm not grade popular with the girls in my school (in some stupid way past dingen: /) so it surprised me a bit that she looks at me since besides my friends who are 1 year older and better so I look style etc. picture me as what on?

The best answer

First you should know that girls not only look at it outside, but also on the character, and if a girl is in love, he is the most handsome man in the world for them: D

So do because of your appearance no head, is incidental.

You just try to go out to them, to again meet with her, etc. Eight times on how it behaves this way. So she laughs even on your worst jokes, she twirls always at her hair, etc.

In the beginning, I'd still invite other people with. Just to avoid an awkward silence ^ - ^

Later, if you think you're ready, you ask simply whether she wants time to do something for two. And then kannste let's see how it develops: D

Oh, another little tip:

"Girls always want what they can not have."

So do not always have to be on call, just say sometimes you have no time, or do you go with ner other girlfriend away.

Of course, you should not overdo it, stay the way you are ^^

Hope I could help you.

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