Am I too fat for my age and generel?

Hi guys? I am 12 years old and go into the 7th grade'm about 1,59m tall and weigh 60 kilos Ca. I would like to know if I'm really too fat. And if so what could I do? Please respond no stupid

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Direct Diet you do not make. If you yourself feel uncomfortable in your body, then you can do a bit of sport. Now it is even warmer and you can ride a bike outdoors. Train up you water as favorite beverage. Pure juices are not as healthy.

Sweet 12 you'll make it to something not worry. This is by no means too thick! This is normal, do something about no head.

This can ultimately only your doctor to answer (depends on how your body is generally, you're possibly competitive sports and therefore have muscles up etc pp), certainly you should not eat too much fast food and if possible make a little sport in addition to school sports

One would have to see you to assess the can; in weight you were allowed to not be fat at this size!


Let not influence you by guys and unsettling.

You're really not fat, did you talk times with friends about it? Tell the boys only to you or to other girls.

Try to be as confident as possible and to love you as you are, then nobody can something;)

no you are not

Unfortunately you've already overweight

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