Am I underweight or is it still okay?

Hi everyone!

I became 13 years old am 1,66 m tall and weigh 42 kg. Am I underweight is my question.

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As you are certainly still growing, is your weight MUCH TOO LOW!

See that you eat from now reasonable portions, you begrudge from time to time an ice cream and a slice of cake and a couple of chocolate bars ... hach ​​how I envy you ...

You put in the middle of puberty, since everything is in order. Either you have grown fast lately or just built that way, but you should not now too many thoughts make it. :)

For your age and your size is still ok but could be more. Can you so quiet often what indulge sweet;)

So for the age that is perfectly normal. ;)

Have a girlfriend that is larger and weighs about as much. However, the is already 19 and is definitely SUPER thin.

As long as you feel comfortable and you feel strong and healthy is all good. With age there is anyway a bit more;)

This is a bit too little ... just eat more :)

Maybe a little bit of increase then fits that already. ;)

It's actually easy underweight. Test times with several light meals a day you increase fallst want ^^

A little bit, it is my opinion already. Maybe so at 46 kilograms or so, so already as 1-2 kilos more first)

yes you are, you have to really weigh 56+

For something there is a BMI ^^

I would say border

Something a little, it is for the size already. But feel DU yourself too thin? If so, then it änder. At least 50-55 kg are good in your size :)

I find that it is too little.

BMI Check ... Yes you are.


you have unfortunately underweight

Yes something. Are you eating enough?

If your size is ok.

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