am too big :( grows to much?

I'm so great'm 1,70cm and 16 female, I always feel so great to Grow 16.5 yet?

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Hello! Usually not much. With 20 or 21, the growth plates (epiphyses) ossify final. In recent years, before growth spurts are rare and usually less. And girls are there sooner finished than boys. How big are your parents and grandparents? At their genetics to das.Selten also guided by grandparents or other relatives.

I wish you good luck and success.

What is the center of the sizes of your parents? You will so great to 10cm smaller. So if your father is 1,90 and 1,70 your mother is the center of 1.80 so you'll probably 1.70-1.80 (has once told me my doctor) if you want to make sure that you can no longer growing you take the pill that prevents then allegedly :)

So with 16 one is actually already so far grown as a girl :) and if you are still growing should then only 1-2 cm, but not much more :))

1.70 is not soo great for a 16 year old in my opinion ... In my class (I'm in the 8th and 14) we have several students who already 1.77 cm or greater ^ - ^ This way you can can calculate in an orthopaedist :)

Women grow up to 4 years after their first period usually. :) 1.70 is yet but the perfect size. I am a 1.81. From the size could you worry, but your's perfectly okay. :)

You can calculate how much you will about time (bsp. Orthodontist hats made with my sister because braces) when the hand can röngt that ausrechen in the gaps between the finger joints.

You would typically not, can indeed times ask the family doctor and not be examined. Whether not a gene defect ^^

Your body changes and grows still you're up 25, sometimes more or sometimes less.

Be glad, large women are welcome in later life and very attractive. So head high ;-)

You'll thank you later!

Too large? I'm almost 17, female and 1.87m! This is too big. And in my opinion, the measurement of the hand does not work. -I Lie already loose 10 cm above my forecast and seem even (minimal) to continue to grow ...: /

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