Ambition "learn"? :)

Hey dear ones, I need your help once .. I often take my stuff before and set goals that I want to achieve. But always halfway (or even before ^^ ') suddenly I lose motivation and ambition. The things are not bit less important to me, I can do it just as bad to hold me over long period of time on my projects and goals. Have you perhaps "preserve ambition" some advice? For all sorts of things; Sports, school tasks, hobbies, instruments. Super would be great if you might know good motivation sayings or good tips and goals you have, which you can tell with :) I would be very happy; your SJCITDV.

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what motivates me the idea of ​​how it feels to have reached the goal. For example, stands at an important exam and I have no desire to learn. But then I imagine how it feels to retrieve a good score and from then grabs me then the ambition and I pull it through, because I know that it will be worth it. :)

Remember giving ne kick in the butt and tell you that I do to end repeatedly. This helps and retains the objective in mind.

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