AMD processor warmer than Intel?

I once made a comparison between Intel and AMD.Beide CPUs have four cores and about the same Kerntakt.Beide have the same Kühler.Man can say that the two PC only in the socket and CPU brand unterscheiden.Bei same Auslastung.IM BIOS AMD had about 60 degrees and the Intel 30 Grad.Ist it normal that AMD is much warmer than Intel ????

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Yes, but the timing and the number of cores is relatively unimportant in the heat, the interior design is etc any differently. What's more wärmeleitpasta etc

First, it is completely not care how hot a CPU is, as long as it does not overheat. And also to compare anyway goofy without load in the bios.

Apart from this, cores and clock only partly to do with the power or the heat.

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