"Ammi" horsebox

Hi, am wiedermal looking for a new horse taxi. I like these "Ammi" horsebox total and my car is expected to draw even weight default.

Does anybody know if there is this to buy in Germany or has already let someone rebuild a Imports and German standard?

Thanks and LG

PS: These are not both my pictures, the original page is indicated.

The best answer

Amipferdeanhänger are really great class, but they are not fit for our capabilities but because this one needs a car with towing capacity up to 3.5 tons, therefore an SUV or equal to a small truck. This goes beyond the capabilities of most of uns.Dazu are axles, brakes and electrics not allowed with us, they have to be completely retrofitted, so everything out and new. The make some dealers, but then the price is not interesting, you must do more themselves. To do that with skill. The next problem is the vertical load, the axes must be moved and the weight of newly austariert.Bei all love, it really belongs to passion on the vehicle. My Ideal Car with 2.1 tons of towing capacity, low consumption and long stuck fit me was expensive enough, ds off and more does not fit the normal 2-horse trailer. The German Alternative, only less than a Ami, is the Böckmann Portax. This is my alternative dream for Ami. Others dream of sports cars, I from horse trailers ............ laughter, but for the 10,000 I buy maybe a horse.

if it is from the EU permit easily can the, mark which have pendant in poland or netherlands

Well that's great love of horses. Armes horse (s) is spending probably more time in the van and on tournaments as in a meadow.

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