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Hello my dears,

it is about the following problem: We bought a Labrador bitch of a person (Bekanntin our acquaintances) in October 2014. We have before the mandatory purchase made first to get to know the person and the dog. The person sitting in the wheelchair for a year and due to its no longer meet the dog. We have named as our condition on the dog (no barking in the apartment, housebroken, no Aggressive behavior ggüber children and other dogs, etc.). All this would be absolutely no problem. We also have an animal protection contracted. If everything was signed. Then we got the dog and then showed these problems - aggressive behavior children and other dogs ggüber, barking etc. On good German has it fooled us. Standen until January even with your contacts and it came out more and more ... the dog was beaten by her, could poop in the apartment, to bite with other dogs and even more ...

After we have once said about calling tidy our opinion and it has agreed to pay the dog school hours each month (that remains now depend on us - after all, we want the dog now do not give back!) Has it flown the coop.

Telephone is no sound. Mobile off. At the door they do not go !!

Facebook blocked or suddenly posting nothing.

How can we take action against it now? I slowly fed up. Can I See?


The best answer

About you consult an attorney if that was deceit. Then, the amount paid was not justified, let alone whether money in such flaws at all could ever be allowed to flow.

You are, however, so far as I know in the burden of proof. If you have an insurance policy carries the all legal fees after prior consultation with the legal department if the action has a chance. Are not you you should only times you can only give advice and let you also enlighten stand as the odds of winning and what costs are like opposite.

Do you can you leave you of this convey to a lawyer in the area a such insurance that. Also there is a legal department that you can always call her.

Before the law the dog is seen as a thing. Even their purchase contracts. Protection agreements and their "safeguard clauses" found only purchase contract compliance. Say the clauses of charges of "visiting rights" etc are void.

The contract is valid but as such as a normal purchase agreement. The attorney can also tell if this is only civil law, or whether you can also criminally complaint you. Basically need agree to a "thing" in the sale! Even in the dog.

Preliminary you should have in writing all statements! Names addresses of witnesses etc.

This paper pile do you go to a lawyer and let's hear it :)

Apart from the fact that it is actually very annoying thing was that made with you, I'd structured me now and purposeful care of the dog.

If you do not riff itself, uses the help of a dog school and success will reach you quickly.

to start against the Seller a display is of course your right, but that probably as the Hornberger shooting will end.

Ever thought about it. That is the behavior of the dog to YOU?

Well, as you can I think rather less ads.

How can you prove what she said, the dog would be "super" and does nothing ...?

Even with ad or something, is informative to statement, and there is nothing around drum

Well, you can see that a solution ...

A dog is not a matter with defined properties. After all, he came with you in a new, completely unknown environment. Just think, since it is normal that the dog responds differently than in familiar surroundings.

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