Amplifier in continuous operation - what could possibly happen?

Hello, In brief: it holds a power amp (wattage unknown) when it is 3-4 days unused simply, so to speak in idle? what could possibly happen?

quick response, I would be very grateful :)

The best answer

well that consumes at idle their electricity, heats, etc. - it is not dramatically a lot, but now times totally unnecessary. "Kaputt" is therefore nothing but at the final stage - in operation it will be hot. If the device can sufficiently good release its heat (fire hazard is given if not installed), one is "a long time leave on" nothing contrary - apart from the stop completely unnecessary energy consumption.

When the device is in order, will increase only your electricity bill.

If it is only and there is practically no consumption, nothing.

Essentially, yes, it consumes power but then a bit.

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