An airbrush body painting and model?

Hello, For some time I am dealing with the topic of body painting and have also been a few smaller projects behind me. Recently I discovered another hobby now: Warhammer 40k These models made of simple plastic can be according to a statement of a friend even better painted with an airbrush and since I had the idea: Can an airbrush both for body painting as well as acrylic colors with which I edit the models use? If so, what requirements must meet these airbrush or can give me someone even a recommend?

Thanks in advance, JuuriYB

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Hello JuuriYB,

Basically, there is no problem to use the same airbrush when zwischendruch well cleaned.

An important question is what you want to paint accurately. For small images and fine lines using a small airbrush, is not a problem. Who do you want to color large areas, you should get a bigger gun with a larger color cup and larger nozzle use, such as the .. . .

Most bodypainters therefore use multiple airbrushes to always have plenty of options for the scene.

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