An own dog was at the shelter =)

Hey guys, I wish for a long time a dog, just like my brothers and sisters, one of them even has its own horse and I have in Momment 2 Meerschwinchen. I had hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs as pets now, already 2 mahl we had a foster dog, but my parents still say no. We have a large garden and a house, my aunt would when we are on holiday look for the dog. Costs are not an issue that we are aware, enough space, garden, fields and forest beside us, perfekct everything because anforderrungen we are aware. What should I do, how can I persuade her? And please answer not like: You already guinea pigs. Because I had often several animals because I Take Care of it.

Many thanks in advance =)
LG Nadi

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So we were doing my sis and I begged. We and 10 years wanted a dog. Papa always said no. Then were with friends on vacation that also wanted to buy a new one. Then we started again to beg. You can not stop getting ever ask. With us, they said yes, we now have an australian shepherd puppy 0th

How old are you? Can you already own to take care of the dog? Perhaps your mother has indeed just afraid that all the work will depend on her. And what are their arguments against a dog?

What they call your parents because as the reason ??? The annoying whining I would leave; so you show only that you're a little kid ...

Is it possibly because your parents do not want to be "bound"? If you stay longer away from home is the dog must either yes or someone has to pay attention to him? Or grieve who cares about the dog when you go to work? It may be important points why your parents say "no" yes! The cost factor, I would not so easily get rid of, underestimated that not what a dog costs everything. Feed, veterinary, tax, possibly hundeschule etc etc

my aunt would when we are on holiday look for the dog

this is absolutely the wrong attitude! Short even look after the dog a day is not enough! The dog needs throughout human contact (can possibly 3-4 hours to be alone) and not all the time, in which you are on holiday, alone! With such an attitude I can understand why your parents do not allow. Whenever families go on vacation and you do not know where the animal is, it is discharged or even suspended. So it will probably be .. Your strategy is not well thought out and with you the case.

Hello Bella,

a dog means a lot of work. Your other animals are with you in the room or be kept outside. A dog comes with pure, maybe he would sleep with you in bed with. It would apply even more so washing the hair, especially if a dog shedding everywhere. Maybe that's why your parents do not want to. There are two or three breeds that do not shed hair - eg poodle, but this must be re-brushed regularly and transported to the groomer. I do not know how old you are, but mostly it's so that just in dogs the main work sticks to parents and even if you are now of the opinion that will have you look alone at the tasks responsibly and reliably, so it goes not at all! You have indeed to school etc.

Then it is not a good idea to leave the dog during a holiday at home and have only someone who is looking for him, it might rauslässt and feeding.

Question nevertheless times your parents specifically why they you deny your request? You will perhaps not want to say, because then it would be clear that you will try to refute their arguments.

If you but an animal shelter near you, why you did not even ask because to see if you can reduce the burden, if you feel especially taking care of a dog that there has long been "incarcerated"? Or go for a walk and one or the other so times with? In some shelters, it is also determined so that lack of time is not always possible, for example, to take care of the grooming. perhaps you could aufhübschen one or the other dog, so he has better chances of placement.

And maybe if your parents see how much you support children, then they might still soft?

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