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What to eat Anatolian Shepherd Dog?

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Since the Kangal is a guard dog and must make do in his country of origin with very little food, you should NEVER him with to quality forage füttern.Wir have even a guard dog. Had they fed too high at the beginning ..... it should be a good feed with A LOT of meat, but that was wrong. Guard dogs cope better when they get little meat. They fed preferably with a protein poor dog food or with potatoes, rice, pasta, dairy products, cereals, herbs, vegetables and some meat. Our now gets as main meal kibble Bosch "My Friend" and "lamb and rice", plus there is the evening something out of a can of Pedigree Pal. This composition you get excellent. Every now and then there are cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, banana, dried bread, raw beef bones, tripe, other raw meat and "offal" of our rabbits as head, feet, viscera ..... then this is a delicacy.

A Kangal needs no 20,000m2 or a flock of sheep. This is arrant nonsense. He needs exercise just like any other dog also. It is not necessary to import a Kangal from Turkey. In Europe, there are plenty of varieties.

The same as all the other dogs also.

if dog is nourished properly then he gets Rohfütteruzbg - means raw meat, bones vegetables - NEM dog 60-70KG come as a day up to 2,100 g feed together.

But you know sure daas these dogs may not be exported from Turkey. And you am inim um 20000m² grounds and ne schafherde who should - except dui're professing Tierquälerr

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