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Hey, I do not go on. Each spread rumors about me that I have anorexia and so convincing that makes me really ready and I want to get anorexia !! Everyone expects it of me, but as I will. Can sb give me tips? Habs tried many times

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Hey ... um I just read your question and think if you ask such an ask has you already the first signs of a mental illness. I myself suffer from anorexia and would be happy if I had not. Please be happy so that you are healthy and do not suffer it. Anorexia can be fatal. You're perfect the way you are, please do not forget that. If you are still wondering've're welcome to write to you myself. Best wishes and greetings

I can not really make sense of me why you want to be sick, you your mind and body to destroy want, but okay. Search 'you please just help confidants example. Parents or teachers are (or should be) accessible and the Internet can get help from organizations that then you somehow succor and listen to you and talk to you. But please, wish it to you really do not, this kind of 'being sick'. There is nothing that you can so easily herbei- and wished away. (:

Go to a psychiatrist who can perhaps help you further that you get your sick thoughts out of your head. Maybe they look at you because you're pretty oderso !.

This is definitely the wrong way. Please search Get professional help from a therapist.

Pointless some members

let you make stomach tape and stop to eat and every time you eat want drinking ne liter bottle of water .. but there are also people who are unable to ensure

Nobody expects that you are seriously ill. And even if someone says you shall not kill you then do you do that, too. Geb n sh * t on the rumors and is good.

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