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Hello someone of me is very important for a long time life is in jeopardy. Since I have nothing more eaten auser ne thin slice of crispbread since I nearly upset today. to the guy it was already better and my stomach always feels mega empty now. Usually I then eaten if it was so bad but I do it nich, and every time I get up in short black front is my eyes. Drinking I do normally. What is going on with me? Am I anorexic? And how do I get when someone is healthy again away from it? Thanks in advance ps please write only when something idea is already present

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maybe you can not eat because you are very busy with the theme of your friend's name, or who is in lebensgefahr. easy beating one on the stomach. In your place I would drink juice, milk and tea with honey or sugar. you can also in a Mixxer a banana, do milk and oatmeal, and then mix and drink the food. tastes great. also schoki can be a soul comforter. talking to all events of your mama about. lg

Be careful Can immediately switch to anorexia !! Your body your stomach gets used to slowly slowly turn and then you feel that you're getting tired of you feel no hunger !! If you have arrived there, it is hard to get out of there then you want to return to normal eating but your stomach will not play and you have to pass So it was with me, we hope that you do not end up as anorexia can lead to death

I do not think you're anorexic. But something- try eating it at least. And still talk to a person who you trust! Lg Kate :)

That depends on your psyche depends. Your eating habits is definitely disturbed. Take care of yourself.

I do not think that there is anorexia, you're doing might just not good because you constantly have the thought of that person in danger. It sounds so than you would just keep their appetite. Although I have not much idea but you should be careful that it does not lead to anorexia. Hope you and the person you go better soon. I think you now also need a little encouragement :) or distraction. But as I said have hardly a clue sorry :( me.

Anorexic you are, if you are addicted to be thin if you ausschälst everything and simply just want to be thin. You it simply is not good, there's a lot of people so that they can not eat. The adjusting back!

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