Antiaggression / Futterneid train the dog (puppy).

Hello, today I was with my 15 weeks old Berni-Leonberger walk without a leash. After repeated call to which he did not respond, I found him eating at a restaurant dustbin. When I am to him, he started to growl. I have tried in then the neck (as the mother) determinative but not brutal by the Mülll pull whereupon he gave me bitten in the hand. I was scared so because he never makes it otherwise. In his TroFu he is never aggressive. I was really shocked and had it then tried again with the neck grip and pulled him to the ground whereupon he whined. Hab leash him and am more then. The bite was not now sooo bad, I've only NEN slight scratches but the shock was already there and somehow I am now confused. Should I again go past the garbage? and quasi the situation again bring? Did I react correctly? I really want a dog reacts aggressively even in any situation.

Lieben Gruss Lea

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First and foremost: your understandably not perfect listening to recall dog belongs to the canvas !!!

Your puppy could now long been poisoned ... (hopefully you had a lesson!)

I understand that you're scared when snapping your dog - such Niggeligkeiten you should not let it pass but be with a cry like let the Acknowledge and of course take him to the "danger zone"!.

In the nerve pinch the ghost ... Do you use a divorce for the dog a collar or a harness? With a harness, it would easily remove the dog from something for you ...

At home it under let me take away his bowl while eating ... You could have also not like you if you take away the plate during the meal.

practice Anyway you make the guy that he is allowed only to the food bowl if you have allowed him there ... And it may also like to take a few seconds until you tell him good hunger my Pluto ...

I think I can reassure you - the showings was no aggression - the guy did not want to let go of the found good smelling garbage and you have disturbed him ...

In the event that such a thing happen again, think of a distraction favorite Spieli in his pocket to have ... A Quietschi perhaps or a ball ... And then "swapped" and even the dog is diverted positive .. ,

Hello leamender, your whole description of the progress tells me that reacts the dog as it .If in his nature a dog eats, which is not educated not you attack him .Sei glad that he has not bitten properly. If the dog does not have any education, then you can not run without a leash him. Education and entertainment of a dog to learn in Hundesportverein .Woher the dog should know that he is to come when called back when he was not there intensively trained ?. Therefore Login now to pre-empt further attacks. A trained obedient dog does not bite his guide and is not aggressive. NG

If your experience with dogs and their education is not great, I would recommend you to go to dog training one.

Information you get probably at the shelter on site.

Hello leamender, no! You did not respond properly! I would even say, you've probably created you with this situation a large "additional construction"! Please contact the a dog school, which is affiliated to the BHV or IBH and let you comprehensive advice. Dogs do not learn from such situations, what we would like and the worst thing can take you, is that this magnitude dog shows strong resource defense. In your own interest, I would like to address a pro!

Hi at so young dogs you have to stop always watch the mix eats away from home. So foresighted gassi go. Important speech dog is interested intensively for what edible, then Fie. Him you must, however, also show that it pays to be and that you have edible food at you. And please do that with the dominance baloney and physical violence. Get bitten by a book by Günther Bloch and go to the whole relaxed, you were because you attack your dog with your kind of subordination. He gave you must advise you're doing something wrong, you still react more violently. At 15 weeks he needs confidence and protection, not subordination.

so wrong you have not responded. you made him your art clearly that you do not want. whether with neck handle, or whatever, does not come so important. your no-signal you have set and I find important. Now the small only 15 weeks old and you both have a lot to learn. something I find the most important in these early times, that the dog that teaches his-let. ie that you practice with your dog, things (fodder, leckerli) to take only when you freely give. since there are various exercises to. my dog ​​I can put sausage on the paw and he takes it only when I say that it is ok and so is now out possible to simply say my code and it can be. but we are already for two years in the dog school. I would sometimes begin his home the fodder is not easy to portray, but the napf in hand to keep and let him sit. then tell for example: waiting. Take a happen out in a smaller napf and alternate to the ground. let him wait. give a free signal where he must eat and so on until he has his portion completed. after a few times you can versuchenihm again to present the whole portion, but take away again the stand. then stand up again and continue to eat in silence. your dog should at any time be taken away from you be lining without growling. that is the goal. must take if you later on the walk a "booty" to him can happen even once, then must the be used. for dry food I can only say: if you have a good trf, you can do it a couple of hours load in much water and then gets the dog neither a kidney trouble even tartar. my dog ​​I put the feed to 23:00 in a lot of water and to eat it at 6:30 he gets. which are chunks still beautifully shaped and I have also given another shot of linseed oil and sometimes hüttenkäse something cheese or quark, only as a spoonful about. then he gets still something hard to chew. I do with wolf blood dry food very good experiences.

Why are leinst a puppy from the not listen to what little is still normal with 15 weeks.

a mother dog uses the Nackengrifd carry away just about the puppies, never to measures.

Also on the ground throwing is moronic at Hubden, so you destroy only the trust.

This is the dog defending its food normally. Make feral dogs and Wölfr so..wers place needs for supplies and reserve. Is not particularly good when the dog's nothing diminish lässr but you can train.

If the dog is somewhere and can not be called simply linen and ready.

Let the dog on a leash until he hears sure go to a puppy hour so that you and the dog together is learning what and practice with him swapping.

I can take off my dogs all because she has learned it is worthwhile for them to admit me their prey, plus I always appreciated in their pocket what they get.

remember dogs are dogs and humans are humans !!!! you're not a mother substitute so you should not walrus or neck or whatever grabbed make! try it with clicker training. Fütter the dog only by hand. if you are gassi with him and it leaves free schmeiss him when he looks at you a fodder chunks out when it comes to you might throw a ball or something. make yourself interesting and forget to work not only with confirmation. without penalty and other that's just bad for the bond. lg

you have two puppies? manchester-Labrador and Bernese Mountain dog (or Bernard) -Leonberger mix?

Reach into the neck and press down but is not particularly stimulating for the bond. No wonder that he not listen to you. Dams make the nerve pinch generally only if it is really necessary. Maybe it would have made more sense just to make the leash off and go away, instead of reacting the same way.

In Trofu I can understand why he does not want the garbage prefer the squeezed dry Pallets. In TroFu is ohnhin only waste it.

Test only once to build the bond. Feed him out of hand and that the complete ration. enter Not necessarily all at once, but no more from the bowl. Then he learns, you give him food that is ever important.

You can then try to go over with canvas again at the point. And look what he does. This will continue to repeat until it no longer wants to go.

Go ye in a dog obedience school? If not, the would be appropriate.

So wondering about the "bite" I would not now, you do it more often, then you'll probably be able to experience a real bite times with time, because it was not, because then would certainly here no longer able to write, at least for ne time long ;-)

Ceasing please those things you and your dog to love, especially in resource-defense, the really nice back go!

A resource is something that your dog is important that can also toys, certain fressbare things or persons to be.

Defended a dog a resource, so that's what the dog there just has important for him, that it takes in his life a high priority and what is referred to as a resource, the dog decides not man.

Please Let you not give such advice you should the dog then pack in the neck and push down until law and let not tell you that would not have been so wrong, of respective user unfortunately has to contribute not too technically correct handling of dogs but sounds well even like to "write". ;-)

If dog school also glad it all the more as well so you should hurry the HuSchu change, because then have unfortunately not much contribute to professionally correct dog training.

I also want to put you to the heart, let yourself in this case of a GOOD dog school advised not working with out-no-pooh-cries or the like and not to pack even more so with physical penalties such as in the neck and possibly shake additionally, as explained below you have not done so, but that what you have done, has probably been enough to trigger such a violent behavior at a 15 WEEKS YOUNG DOG.

By this you can clearly see that your dog has felt more than just threatened!

What way the were concerned eat, so this will probably be a result of the dried fodder, may I ask whether he gets ONLY and exclusively TF?

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