Antidepressants (Elontril) every morning at the same time?

Hi, I take a few days ago Elontril. Now during the holidays I am of course always only so woke up at 11 am and got the tablets then taken, but soon the school starts again and I would then so be awake at 6 am, and today, for example, it is 8 o'clock. Is it bad if I indeed always in the morning, but as "irregular", so with a few hours take time difference? Bin is always one of which always talked so paranoid with side effects and seizures since. :( Write now soon Abi, therefore it would halt important that during the tests as well as everything goes with it.

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Hey, it's totally okay if the time varies. It is enough if you take the tablet just after getting up or after breakfast, whether these are 4 times more hours or less. The dose varies not so strong that you can get side effects or are under-dosed in this period. Elontril are one way or the extended release release the active compound extremely slowly throughout the day.

The side effects and seizures you only can play at a very high dose.

Greeting chillersun

When thou shalt take the tablet in the morning on the day only 1x, it's okay if the time varies somewhat.

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