Anyone who has a dog from poor posture? Experience?


we have 6 dogs currently, five of which came as a puppy to us. Only our dog Shila came with 1.5 years for us. As our Ben was 1 year old, the thought of a second dog came in, a bitch, it should be for the handsome guy. In the neighborhood there was a litter Viszla puppies that we had looked at. But as luck would have it, it turned out differently. My friend is a heating engineer. As he had in the cellar at a customer, he made a terrible discovery. In a shed he found a dog, tied to a chain. She was totally emaciated. He went to her she looked forward to awful. My friend went up to the woman and put them to task. The woman was completely dissolved, began to cry. She said the dog would be her husband, who had just once again in the pub. The man would beat even the dog. My friend gave the woman 200 euros, she accepted and he then took Shila from the basement out. When he opened the trunk, she hopped in there immediately, without looking where her mistress was.

We took Shila to the vet immediately. In the stomach was found bolts and stones. Shila was operated. At home she was then only once nursed really. With Ben understood the way, fine. From day one she was the Boss and Ben took the class. Educate we did not have Shila. Basic commands like sit and down they had mastered. Feet they ran as soon as you turned on the leash, pulling on the lead it never does. In freewheeling she hears immediately when called, a dream dog so. And to our surprise, they behaved towards people very dear, always wanted to be cuddled, never showed aggression. This is still like that. Shila is now 5 years old and my great girl. I can go with her everywhere, she may from time to time with me on the job. She is very, very affectionate. Especially we are inseparable two. You know exactly when I come home, no matter where I am. Then there is the farm gate and does not want to leave there. When I'm alone wegfahre, shopping for example, then it will remain lying outside the door until I come back. Even though my friend and my children are there.

I'm always surprised at how loving she is, though she was treated so bad. Also it was never properly socialized, was familiar with only the basement. Nevertheless, it is with other dogs very sociable, like children and people who caress anyway. Only if I do swear loudly, she cowers and goes under the table, even if I do not mean.

I think she's just grateful. someone knows, you also have such a dog at home?

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Hi had here a Labbi as foster dog from the animal shelter was low previously held exclusively on a chain and also knew nothing :( From there he came to animal welfare in the kennel and then just to us. When he arrived, he looked real ready . have brought him around 25 ticks from the body, he had chewed stones because his teeth were ground down fairly had blank fundamentally renew the vet first him the next day, the ears were the worst black inside it and stank without end.: (:( Although he lived five years on a chain, 2 years in the kennel by animal welfare was tame as a lamb :) Gassigehen a sheer delight, who was lead like a pony, only love and I think he the just was glad to live :) it came with my dog, with my cats and even horses cope .. even if the dog was already 7, with him I know that it was right to bring him to Germany :)

I have a hangover from poor posture. He was left at the owner move in the apartment, was very shy and has only crept. I would not again do this to me, the cat is very sensitive and is at the slightest difficulty immediately unclean. It has its own quirks, he did not bury his legacy. On the other hand, he is very focused on me and very affectionate, it does well to gain his confidence and to see how he was always trusting in the course of time.

We also had such a dog. Unfortunately, he passed away about half a year. He was found exposed and therefore the shelter did not know much about him. The mistake was that I have virtually selected him alone and I was alone at home when he was with the shelter supervisor visited us. That everything went great and he was cuddly and affectionate. Once you raised for any reason the arm, he fell almost collapsed. The worst part was that he had a huge problem with men. It took fewer than 3 years, until he no longer growled at my friend. he never could caress him yet. We can only speculate what happened in the poor dog's life time.

My friend and I found a dog in the woods. He was almost dead and we took him and brought to the vet and then nursed him correctly. There is a pit bull and around 8 years old :) we have been 3 years and he has never made problems. However, when my friend and I argue, then it jumps between them and barks.

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