Apartment reference legit?

Hello, my ex girlfriend and I broke up before about 2 months but still live together. My girlfriend is but come across since splitting with a friend and can look even though she has animals here and I had to take care not that I was asked, or at least supported financially hardly. 2 weeks ago about when my ex came into our apartment once we they fought me a hairbrush to the head thrown clapped me what I have also beaten because I did not want to be sitting on mor. Then my ex has picked their animals yesterday, and resolved to take a blanket from me, what I did not want and tried her blanket to snatch them out of hand. It has pushed me so much that I'm like, I'm right again and at the moment I got a slap. Whereupon I also get rid of them. They then went back. Both scuffles occurred at the end of a full-blown apart reduction of both sides. About 2 hours later, there was the police at my door and I was referred to the house, even though I've only fought 1. 2. it anyway staying in the apartment & 3. The worst for me, I also have 2 pets to now no one can take care, because the police has taken from me my keys. I'm afraid she's gone to the doctor and has let enter atest in 1st wrangling already know what I have not done. But I would not she the apartment alone enters as she took a few things from me and I am afraid now even more with taking, since I not allowed to stay in the apartment to me. Can I do about anything now? And it is at all the right?

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And a lawyer I can not afford it :(

I am myself a woman. And it does have begun with domestic violence

is yes because something classified in law under domestic violence. clear the woman is always right given because the woman is indeed an oh so tender defenseless beings, here are the women those that strike hardest wenns really matters and I say this as a woman. go as soon as possible to advocate and put the thing dr possibly it may cancel lingerie.

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