Apartment with shared bath / kitchen adequate?

My girlfriend has the following problem:

She lives in a one-room flat in Munich. This is about 30 square meters and consists of a living room and a kitchen (but without SFBC). The house, and therefore the apartment also is long renovation in my opinion and in need of renovation. (However, I am not an expert).

can cook my girlfriend thanks acquaintances on an electric stove, which is no longer even make it but too long and consume a lot of electricity. There are no heating facilities in the kitchen.

It is heated with furnace. Furthermore, the doors and windows are quite leaky and the wall becomes fragile. In order to use the toilet, they must come down half a flight of stairs to go into a small toilet cubicle in the hallway, they would have to share with three other tenants. It is very cold in the little cubbyhole.

Her parents lived no longer in the area, so they take a shower there and could do laundry. She now uses naturally from me and take a shower to the opportunity and to do laundry. Rent she pays, I think 390 euros a month (utilities, heating and electricity costs are added). Since it had exceeded the 25 age and unfortunately has no education, siehts workplace technically for them rather mau. Mentally they charged this apartment is also very. She is very unhappy with this housing situation.

So, now to my question: You have to take off the desire. But as Hartz 4 receivers he's from AA dependent. The wants her after 2 months already grant no further relocation.

Is there somewhere a clause stating exactly what adequate housing is? What is one other than the size of one at that? If they could not have me, she could take a shower only in the pool and wash in wash centers laundering. Is this acceptable under Hartz 4?

The best answer

As already doing on the question of why it is drafted in such a thing? Of course, there are limits of what is reasonable, but there is also something on the personal discretion of the agent to. But I think when she finds better for about the same price, the Office will have no objection. For them, the fundamental right of free choice of residence applies.

Rent she pays, I think 390 euros a month (utilities, heating and electricity costs are added).

Well, that's just München.

So, now to my question: You have to take off the desire. But as Hartz 4 receivers he's from AA dependent.

If she has no real income, they will probably not find any nice apartment in Munich. The cost that is more money and demand is high, so that the owner have much choice of suitable (graduates) tenants. However, I also unclear why someone of a job and ALG2 relates feudal must live in Munich. A move to a cheaper city were it might make sense. Besides, I find it hard, if a young woman has no qualifications and apparently no job would take, one can make without qualification.

Community toilet, stove heating and laundry in the machine center are reasonable, but the lack of bath / shower not. Your description of the "cave" to is also no possibility of such a thing installed subsequently. As they should again move the AA to my body and ask for a reasonable apartment.

€ 390 Monthly rent for this hovel comes my way quite steep in front, but Munich is apparently an expensive place.

How about if it still is training? But one is never too old and the chances rise eventually to have a really nice apartment.

Yes, alas, is rather expensive Munich, assume that the apartment in the district Hasenbergl befindet.Ich would but there definitely try first work, then a reasonable apartment, seis synonymous only a Wg.Alles is better than this.

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