Aphasia by TIA?

I want to talk about a long-standing problem that now but very distressed me here. I have the feeling that they have lost by a TIA, which took place about 4 years ago a lot of my speaking and writing ability. I have since not as practiced in conversations adequately participate, let alone to follow this at all. I find it very difficult to understand the content of the talks and to process, so that comprehension is extremely disturbed. Mir is noticed for a long time, but increasingly just very extreme, because I want to start again to learn, and came to me completely lost my knowledge anyway. Then I lack the right words on the subject and I have to rewrite the word. This is very ansttrengnd. Also I interpret all wrong. That gave me at work already in enmorme difficulties. I'll be there currently is no longer clear and now I have even let me write AU. Who has similar experiences? I also believe that my short-term memory is completely disturbed. I can nix longer remember that. Very poor basic requirements for an upcoming study. This makes me currently very mistaken. I do not trust me nothing to really. Oh yes, I am already 46. Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Thanks for the answer. I would question the need to formulate a little differently. After a TIA, I feel that I am suffering from finding words and writing disorders. Despite successful tests on the stroke unit; MRI and speech therapy were observed no damages. Nevertheless, I still feel that me since a lot missing from the vocabulary and also in my written communication skills. Can it perhaps be that the tests are not very decisive. I mean that one's feeling but are rather pretty. Please forgive my spelling. I hope I have explained clearly enough.

a test can only determine whether you well funktuionierst average and therefore probably not a problem in everyday life have become. if you veraendertmhast you can not show a single test.

actually the definition is of TIA, that there is no lasting deficits. However, there are also cases where the diagnosis was later TIA still umgeaendert in stroke, precisely because has manmerst observed later failures.

you can do for example with a neuro psychologist that you can find about the GNP further tests.

then you need to see a doctor and speech therapist, because even with a TIA can cause such damage ausgeprägden kommen.Mich surprised much that you can not treat it, it goes away but not alone.

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